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New Business Directory Launches with Social Networking in Mind


Even before 2013 began, this year was heralded as the year of networking. Never before has it been so vital for businesses to form alliances with likeminded entities. In a world where the biggest and fastest fish get the bait, you either need to swim forward as a team or sink.


At first glance, looks similar to other online business directories. However, more than a free listing service, the site provides a precious resource: business and consumer alliances.  Through a great assortment of profile features such as the ability to partner with businesses in the same industry, and a robust referral program, promises to do what no other site like it has done.


While most directory sites are essentially data aggregators, prides itself on building relationships. It is free for consumers to contact and leave feedback on their favorite businesses; a feature many businesses have found increases their overall reputation on the web. 


Once a company signs up, they can immediately start searching for other businesses in their industry. The site always makes it easy to see who is offering promotions, hosting events, or featuring other newsworthy items. Although building a portfolio is completely free, there is also a premium service for those who would like more enhanced networking and visibility tools.


When businesses create a portfolio--a process that takes less than five minutes--not only do they get a free web site for their company, but they can also easily link their blog or any other update feed. As the power of networking continues to grow at a staggering pace, building professional alliances has become a necessary pursuit. takes businesses beyond the flat world of directories into the landscape of deep engagements and vertical growth.