Mobius SLIP

Mobius SLIP (Mobius Social Learning Information Platform) developed by CTASIT LLC, is a fully functional and scalable web-based Learning Management System (LMS). It handles logistics of complex creative assignments, facilitates social learning interaction among students and outputs advanced performance analytics.

Mobius SLIP is a modern, technology-aided incarnation of the Socratic Method. It promotes creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration by combining challenging creative problems with iterative, anonymous peer reviews, formative and summative peer and self-assessments of both problem solutions and reviews, and targeted instructor feedback. Students have to evaluate not only their own and their peers’ creations but also their own and their peers’ critiques. Instructor is enabled to give students quick and targeted help where it is most needed.


Dedicated to advancing students’ creativity and critical thinking, empowering faculty, and making assessment more meaningful.


Colleges and universities adapt effectively to current market trends without sacrificing their core mission: to graduate students who are creative problem-solvers, strong communicators, and competent citizens.

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Executive Name : Dmytro Babik

Industry:  EDUCATION 

Greensboro, NC 27410 US

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