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SunnyKarma allows non-profit organizations raise funds in the alternative way without asking for monetary dona...


True Ventures

Our mission is to make the world a better place for entrepreneurs, and to have a deep and lasting impact on...


Allmand Law Firm PLLC

Allmand Law Firm PLLC is a Dallas based law firm specializing in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy....


The Trusted Network

The Trusted Network (TTN) is a group of owner-operated companies who provide high value goods and services. Th...


Network Fish Ltd

Founded in 2000, Network Fish has many years of experience in the IT support sector, and provides IT ...



Coraid delivers scale-out performance, Ethernet simplicity, and an elastic storage architecture to handle m...



STRATEGICALLY CREATING AND ADVANCING IDENTITIES. I'm always excited to hear from great people, whether...


Guest Blog It

Guest Blog It provides a professional interface and online network of over 12,000 bloggers and blog owners,...



ADERANT provides integrated business management software and consulting services to law firms, corporate le...



Kabbage, Inc. is the leading online provider of working capital for small businesses. Kabbage provides financ...



Streetline builds solutions to longstanding problems in city management and operations, through the customi...



Vostu is a social gaming company which was launched in May 2007. Initially a social network for Latin America...



The Self Check-In System (SCI System) is a unique concept developed for simplifying and enhancing an individua...


The Law office of Scott D. Rogoff

The Chicago area divorce law firm of the Law Offices of Scott D. Rogoff focuses on assisting clients with divo...



DeskSite is a privately held media company based in Orange County, California. The company operates a video ad...


World Biz Club

Business Community of Importers / Exporters / Manufacturers / Traders Worldwide...



Natera is driven by a passion for elevating the science and utility of prenatal testing. The advent of the Inf...


NATION Technologies

Information, in its electronic form, is our most vulnerable and valuable asset. To address this growing concer...


National Diagnostics

National Diagnostics Inc. (NDI) is a leading independent employment screening organization for companies with ...



Identacor provides a fast, secure and single sign-on access to today’s most widely used cloud applicatio...


Featured Executives

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    Anton Konikoff

    "Anton Konikoff is the Founder and Global CEO of Acronym. Anton has built Acronym from a start-up company into a global leader in intent-based marketing solutions with operations in the U.S., London and Singapore.

    As a keen observer, innovator and thought-leader in search marketing since the industry’s early days in 1995, his expertise spans SEO, Paid Search, contextual marketing, analytics and user experience optimization.

    Anton is a sought-after conference speaker at industry events such as SES, Search Marketing Expo, ad:tech, eComXpo, Search Insider Summit, DMA and others.

    In the 1990s, Anton pioneered and built an award-winning e-commerce and online marketing operation at Lydall, Inc. (NYSE:LDL). On the agency side, he served as VP of Online Marketing at Healthology, Inc., driving the company growth that led to its eventual sale to iVillage (now part of NBC Universal/GE).

    Born in Russia, Anton now enjoys the much more pleasant climate of New York City."

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    "RICK RICKERTSEN. Mr. Rickertsen is a Managing Partner of Pine Creek Partners, a private equity firm specializing in partnering with management teams to acquire small companies. He has worked in private equity since 1987, bringing over 25 years of investment experience to Pine Creek.

    Most recently, he was a Partner and COO at Thayer Capital, a Washington, DC-based private equity firm with over $1.5 billion of capital under management. At Thayer, Mr. Rickertsen was a founder of each of Thayer's three funds: Thayer III ($364 M), Thayer IV ($880 M) and Thayer V ($230 M). While at Thayer, Mr. Rickertsen led numerous investments and served as Chairman and Director of several companies, most notably SAGA Systems. Thayer's $30 M investment in SAGA yielded a return of over $300 M and an IRR of 458% per annum. Mr. Rickertsen was Chairman of the Board of this NYSE-listed company. During his tenure at Thayer, Mr. Rickertsen led or co-led over ten investments of approximately $400 M invested.

    Prior to Thayer, Mr. Rickertsen was a partner at Hancock Park Associates from 1989 to 1993. Hancock Park, based in Los Angeles, specializes in acquiring small, family-held companies similar to those that will be targeted by Pine Creek. From 1987 to 1989, Mr. Rickertsen was an Associate at Brentwood Associates, a leading private equity firm in Los Angeles.

    Mr. Rickertsen is the author of a book targeting entrepreneurial managers called Buyout: An Insider's Guide to Buying Your Own Company. Buyout has sold more than 50,000 copies and has been translated into Japanese and Russian. He completed his second book in 2006, Sell Your Business Your Way, an in-depth guide for entrepreneurs on the process of maximizing value in the sale of their companies. Mr. Rickertsen is a graduate, with distinction, of Harvard Business School and Stanford University.

    Mr. Rickertsen is a Director of Apollo Senior Floating Rate Fund (NYSE - "AFT"), Berry Plastics (NYSE - "BERY"), MicroStrategy Incorporated (NASDAQ - "MSTR") and Noranda Aluminum (NYSE - "NOR"). He also served for four years as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Semester-at-Sea, a not-for-profit, global shipboard education institution affiliated with the University of Virginia."