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    William Mauger


    Mr. Mauger is a co-founding Principal of Capital Cities, L.L.C., of Indianapolis, Indiana. He chairs the Capital Cities' Investment Committee and is responsible for the strategic planning and analysis of a client's current position. Working with other firm principals and professional staff, Mr. Mauger then coordinates the delivery of services to clients taking into account each client's unique circumstances. He is a member of the Investment Management Consultants Association. B.A., Chemistry, Denison University."

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    Stefanie Greenfield,

    "Greenfield came to Cambridge Seven Associates after several years in Germany and New York. Ms. Greenfield received her Master of Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis, with an undergraduate degree from Colby College. Since joining Cambridge Seven, Ms. Greenfield has been actively involved in a wide range of work including hospitality, airport, academic and aquarium projects. Her penetrating design sense and her leadership and communication abilities make her an important team member at Cambridge Seven Associates."