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    Andy Towne

    "Bobby Hobbs and Andy Towne have been recognized as the "pioneers" of Cleantech and alternative energy executive search. When they founded the firm back in the summer of 1997, they set out to chart a new course in a new industry. Their passion for the space and commitment to a relentless recruiting process has driven them to turn HTI into one of the most highly regarded firms in the industry.

    Not impressed by the "standard industry practices," Bobby and Andy created a mission for HTI to be different, with a focus on relationships, execution and delivery. They developed a unique understanding for dealing with peoples' professional and personal lives, as well as an expertise on building value-added business partnerships focused on strengthening investments. They have implemented a comprehensive training process to establish a world-class execution team, allowing for continued growth, greater reach and high levels of success. They have also demonstrated the ability to recruit, integrate and retain a talented team of 10 partners and 30 employees across offices in Philadelphia, Menlo Park, San Francisco, New York City, and Atlanta.

    Prior to co-founding HTI, Bobby and Andy met at a boutique search firm in the Philadelphia area, where they were instrumental in driving the company's success and growth. Bobby earned a Bachelor's of Arts in English Literature from Denison University while Andy completed a Bachelor's of Science from Rutgers University School of Environmental & Biological Sciences. Bobby is married to wife Jackie and has two children, Catherine and Robert. Andy is married to wife, Shawn, and has three children, Jessica, Andrew, and Sophia. Both Bobby and Andy enjoy international travel, collecting wine and spending as much time as possible with their families."

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    "oris Panos Designs, Ltd was founded by Doris Panos in 1993 and manufactures and designs 18k high-end couture jewelry that is distributed in high-end independent retailers as well as department stores. In order to expand her brand and market share, the 17-year old company and well established 'branded ' designer has recently a recently launched a new moderate price-point collection , called "Doris Panos Precious Silver" collection.
    The 3rd division of the brand is a costume jewelry brand called "Telio" that is exclusively available on HSN and is geared towards 5 million viewers via Television live marketing.
    The future goal of the company is to expand globally.