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    Essie Ghadrdan

    "As President and CEO, Mr. Ghadrdan leads the growth and diversification of GreenbergFarrow as a firm that consults on all aspects of building development and design. He understands that the firm's continued vitality rests upon its expanding client base. Relying on his strength as a leader and understanding of management dynamics, he and his team collaborate to implement his vision and strategic plans.

    His vision is based on the comprehensive services provided to our clients, projecting a firm whose collaborative teams of experts work with developers, retailers and other clients to create different kinds of commercial projects.

    Mr. Ghadrdan continually underlines the importance of quality, innovation and responsiveness. This makes GreenbergFarrow the nation's most complete source for development and design services, able to take a client from project concept all the way through to opening day.

    Mr. Ghadrdan is a member of NCEES, ASCE and the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. He recieved his B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Florida."

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    Elise Mysels